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Welcome to a pivotal moment in risk management evolution. As a leader in your field, you’re invited to be part of an elite group to experience the Haz360® Private Beta Program. Starting January 10th, 2024, we’re offering a select few a one-month, cost-free trial, complete with personalized onboarding and expert data migration.


Approved and used in 125+ projects for global EPCs and Owners


For Process Safety Experts by Chemical Engineers


Easily switch from Excel or Silo Desktop systems

Easier Action Closeout
Final Resolution Reduce Project Delays

Enhanced Compliance and MOC
Complete Traceability


Increased Productivity Efficiency
Higher Profitability


Improved Visibility of Data
Informed Decisions

Proven Expertise​

Trust in a platform built by Chemical Engineers (Process Safety Professionals) like you, leveraging insights from over 500+ oil and gas projects globally working with major EPCs and Owners.

Advance Tracking​

Stay on top of your risk management with Haz360®‘s robust tracking capabilities.

Personalized Support​

Your dedicated Haz360® success partner will ensure you rapidly experience the benefits.

About us

Haz360® is not just another software; it’s the brainchild of IRESC, a company with a legacy of over 500+ successful oil and gas risk management projects.

Developed from the ground up by industry veterans (Chemical Engineers), Haz360® has been refined through years of hands-on experience to become the premier solution for oil and gas industry risk management.

Now, as a cloud-based SaaS platform, we’re bringing unparalleled expertise to your fingertips at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Our mission is to disrupt the EHS/risk management software industry with a platform that’s not just ‘better than Pro’s (competitors) in the market, but also more accessible.


Explore Our Pricing Plan


$ 1000 per user p.a
  • No. of Users - (up to 5 users)
  • Templates - All Standard


$ 950 per user p.a
  • No. of Users - ( 5 - 10 users)
  • Templates - All Standard


$ 900 per user p.a
  • No. of Users - (10 + users)
  • Templates - Configurable

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